Search engine is the sign of new media reaching maturity

With the rise of the Internet, the media attributes of search engines have become increasingly prominent. Western countries have increased their investment and support for search engines. The search engine praised as “the beacon of the information age”, which bears the critical functions of information security, public opinion guidance, social regulation and cultural output. On the other hands, it has spawned a new commercial profit model and become a new growth point of the network economy. It has also become a new advertising model. However, these advertisements also bring problems.

I first introduce the background of search engine development and the status of search engine advertising, and then I will explain the pros and cons of these ads. Finally, I will introduce the impact of search engine on my life. I concluded that search engines should be innovating along with the development of the times. Meanwhile, we should not overlook its disadvantages.


Diagram of the search engine concept (en) Imagine:Jakob Voss,Wikimedia Commons



According to Chiru (2016) defines “the search engine as a tool that can actively search, organise and provide query services on the Internet.” Specifically, its working principle is: the use of network search software on the Internet will be a large number of web page information collection, and then processed into a database. Respond to various query requests made by users and provide users with required information addresses. In August 2011, the Pew Internet and American Life Project survey (Sadasivam, Kinney, Lemon, Shimada, Allison and Houston, 2012;2013) showed that “search engines were the most popular among users aged 18 to 29, with up to 96% using search engines to find information.” Search engines occupy a leading position in the information age, especially in the world that the growth of Internet information is rapid. Grasping the search engine means to seize the initiative of the Internet, maintain national information security and achieve the goal of the excellent market competition. At present, large countries will develop their own intellectual property search engine, placed in an essential position in the information construction. The United States, Russia, Japan and South Korea have made active exploration and promotion, but throughout the world, the prevailing situation of the United States Google has not changed. It is also the objective embodiment of the comprehensive national strength and technological strength of the United States. Search engines also have symbolic significance — the new development stage of an information society. The emergence of the search engine is the product of media technology, especially the maturity of network technology which will play a decisive role in further promoting human information dissemination (Sheng, 2012). Google has become the most successful search engine company in the world, and many countries are trying to launch their search engine.

Search Engine Advertising



According to data from ZDNet (2005), Search Engine Advertising expenditure in the United States accounted for 36% of U.S. online advertising spending in 2004 and is expected to account for 60% of U.S. online advertising spending in 2009. In 2005, the European search engine advertising market will reach 1 billion 400 million euros, an increase of 65% over 2004. By 2010, the European search engine advertising market will grow from 856 million euros in 2004 to 3 billion euros (ZDNet, 2005). So far, mainstream companies have been promoting their products through search engines. Nowadays, small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to use search engines as a channel to help andsell products. Britain is Europe’s largest online advertising market, and its search engine advertising revenue will grow from 763 million euros at the end of 2005 to 1 billion euros in 2010.

Both Google and Baidu search engines which have the most significant number of users offer promotions that charge for clicks based on the number of ads they advertise. In China, this kind of Google promotion often referred to as “expert promotion” or “pay-per-click promotion” (Weller and Calcott, 2012). This kind of promotion of Baidu is called “competitive ranking” (Jiang, 2014). Choosing this kind of click-and-pay promotion method can adjust the delivery at any time according to whether the promotion effect is satisfactory or not, and it is easier to control the cost. In addition, Google and Baidu’s have other forms of promotion: Google promotion has monthly service. Baidu has the right side of the “hot zone” promotion, such as the “mobile phone” keyword, choose this location package year promotion may cost up to 10,000 yuan. Of course, these search engine advertising is stronger, the effect is visible, but the price will be slightly higher than other search engine promotion.


New York Times Ad In Google Search Suggest Image: flickr, CC

The advantages of search engine advertising include five aspects, according to the China Internet Network Information Center in Beijing issued the “16th China Internet Development Statistical Report”. The report (as cited in Lum, 2006) shows that “the total number of Internet users in China had exceeded 100 million by June 30, an increase of 9 million in six months. It is an increase of 18.4% compared with the same period last year. Users know that the primary way for new sites is far higher than other forms and these new customers undoubtedly have high commercial value for the enterprise. Secondly, compared with traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and television, search engines adopt a flexible billing model and pay according to the popularity of different keywords, which can effectively control the advertising budget. Despite, the delivery form based on search content makes the advertisement highly targeted and gets the best advertising effect (Klapdor, 2013). Also, the search engine with good tracking advertising effect can provide the data report of the ad to generate a complete description. It is convenient to grasp the advertising effect and adjust the corresponding marketing strategy in time. In addition, based on the text form of advertising, concise and intuitive, different keywords can correspond to different advertising content. Advertising content can be modified at any time during the launch.


However, the search engine ranking is based on the level of pay. Because small businesses are weak in funds, in the bid cannot be compared to large enterprises.  The majority of small businesses are excluded from the same kind of large enterprises. This situation is extremely unfavourable to the long-term development of the search engine. Beyond that, there’s no detailed statistical flow for advertisers. What they need to know is not just how many people clicked on their ads, but more importantly, where these clicks came from, which keywords were generated, and what results they produced (Abou Nabout, Lilienthal and Skiera, 2014). Only by making clear these factors can we evaluate their advertising effectiveness correctly and objectively. But for most search engines, there are no detailed statistical reports.


To Me

As we all know, the convenience of search engines has indeed brought us a new way to get information. However, in the process of using, we also slowly lose some of what we ignore which has an impact on our lives. The exploration and research of the unknown make people keep advancing, which requires people to think and practice consistently. Now the search engine has established an enormous database. Any problems can be searched to obtain. This simplifies the solution of many issues, but one question that you can’t solve yourself will never be impressed. We follow other people’s way to re-operate it, although the problem solved, it is not to mention the analysis of other people’s practice is how to get. For example, a simple computer settings tips, in fact, it will fundamentally understand as long as I grope for their functions. But now I’m too lazy to fumble on my own, just search for it. And follow the answer to operate it will be solved, which reduces my ability to search for answers through searching this way. Once useful ability begins to decrease, people will become lazy slowly, and the ability to solve problems will become weaker.

Two men are using their computers (playing computer game) Image: Love Krittaya, Wikimedia Commons



To conclude

It is necessary for the existing search engines to dig in depth the needs of users. Through personalised, localised and professional development of search engines to provide more updated advertising opportunities for advertisers. For advertisers, rational search engine advertising is the best way to improve advertising effectiveness. The search engine is part of the network and a convenient way to find information. But we need to use this tool correctly, not to let it occupy most of our lives. If we depend on search engines for a long time, we will not only lose our creativity but also have an impact on our health.


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