5 Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Uni

  1. I wish I knew the coffee on campus was terrible. Awful. Just bad.

    the worst. coffee.
    Image: Author via rport, some rights reserved

    But there’s no alternative so I drink it anyway.

  2. I wish I knew the sorts of things that were in the vending machines here.

    Image: Neal Jennings, some rights reserved

    Some people actually do use these to buy battery packs.

  3. I wish I knew there was a courtesy bus from Redfern Station.

    Courtesy Bus
    Image: Graham Richardson, some rights reserved

    Never seen it before though. It is legend.

  4. I wish I knew attending lectures wasn’t a big deal.

    Lecture Theatre

    Image: Open Ed, Some Rights Reserved
    This is what it looks like in week 13.

  5. I wish I knew nobody else cares what you say in tutorials. Or in general.

    noo where is the source
    Everybody is just a student. (Students don’t care.)

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