Top 5 things you wished you had known when starting university

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A cat on the blanket

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The lecture is far more tedious than I have expected.

So…boring that I almost fall asleep, but still make sure you attend the lectures.


【2】 Eating girl

a cute girl eating noodles

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The restaurants in in the school court is far more delicious than I have expected. It is always a great pleasure to have a meal at school. Make sure you try all the food in shool.



【3】studying girl

A girl  struggling on her study

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there are more assingments and tasks than i have expected in university, but please remind yourself to balance the time of rest and play. Work hard, and play hard !!!


【4】 Entertainment cats

Two cats having fun

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Unexpected! More entertainments are offered from the university, students can join more than 200 clubs to play and have fun!!! What an opportunity for students to expand their social circle and enjoying the club activities.


【5】 lovely couple

Couple hanging on the street

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Love is the beauty of the soul. I will say university is a good place to meet friends, a nice place to find a partner and a wounderful place to date.


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