Finally I’m here

I can still remember the excitement when I was about to start university. I hid under my blanket, surfing on the internet and trying to figure out what’s studying in university feels like. The light of the screen reflects on my face and I was smiling.

(Kitty hid under the blanket, by cheery1985)


I don’t know what keeps me up so late, probably, the excitements. I was worrying and planning what I need for university, what I’m gonna do on Campus. But now, I know what I was searching under that blanket.

1. The fake Harry Potter building / Essential to Usyd 1001

University of Sydney, by wildenmercurial


2. Coffee Mates and U don’t wanna be alone

Coffee Break, by freephotocc


3. Remember the ambition/Essential to Usyd 2002

Career, by mohamed_hassan


4. Library -the 2cd home

Library, by ninocare 


5. Friends / The best I can get from Uni

Friends, by StockSnap


And yeah, that’s what I cared so much at that night.

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