5 Things You Should Know As An Introvert Starting Uni

Introverts tend to be more quiet, reserved and introspective… if this is you then read on

1.Don’t be afraid of presenting in front of a large class because, to be honest, no one even cares and probs texting anyways (TIP: imagine everyone is naked 🙂 )

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2.Don’t be afraid to be alone. Everyone needs downtime, you might just need it more than others


3. Get your foot in the door to any society, but don’t worry you don’t need to commit and you get free stuff.


4.You will come across annoying people who never shut up, but don`t worry just let them chat, its probs irrelevant  anyways

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5.BE YOURSELF, maybe not when ur drunk (which will be the majority of the time)



By Nicole Jaques Oliveira dos Santos, Cynthia Tian, Karen Francisco, and Kelvin

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