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Hi! My name is Moe Moe Myintzue Aye. I am from Burma and doing Bachelor of Arts(Media and Communication) degree, major in Digital Culture. I decided to take this degree because I like communicating with different kind of people and also learning about media and generally,internet. I am now in my Second year so I have learnt some areas about media studies and I am still finding the area that I would be really interested in. For now, I really like shooting videos, learning about the social issues on social media platforms and also communicating more effectively to give others awareness about the influence of social media. I love swimming, drawing, watching movies and reading. Hope to know you all more!

Moe Moe Myintzue Aye
About Moe Moe Myintzue Aye 3 Articles
Hi! My name is Moe Moe Myintzue Aye. I am studying Media and Communication at University of Sydney. I love writing about the technology and how it works because they are the closet things that exist to us and we use every single day!

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